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For The Love Of Horror

Welcome to our blog! Stop by and see what we’re up to! This is our very first post so we’re all excited and everything!

So, yeah, we got back from our latest convention late Sunday night and much like the inhabitants of much of the con, we were absolute zombies by the time we got home!

The Geek Monkey stall
The Geek Monkey stall up and ready to go!

What Was It?

We were attending For The Love Of Horror, a fantastic new annual event which took place at Bowlers Exhibition Centre in Manchester’s Trafford Park and which was organised by the great Monopoly Events.  We’ve never done a two day event before, or indeed a horror con so we weren’t 100% sure what to expect, but nevertheless we rocked up to the venue on Friday lunchtime, set up our stall and waited for Saturday to begin with baited breath!


There were plenty of other traders around, including our good friends Keith and Joanne from Retro Arcade and the very talented Fish from The Art of Fish, folks selling everything from artwork and t-shirts to Funko Pops and tons of icon horror figures.  There were cool and kooky items such as custom made thumb drives made from real looking severed thumbs and a prop stall where you could create your own resin skull from a mold. So much stuff and so little cash!


The cosplay at this con was second to none, seriously, to everyone who put even the smallest amount of make up on, kudos to you all, we were truly in awe (given that the extent of my own experience of cosplay is playing Nathan Drake because we “have the same hair”, we had Michael Myers, Jason Vorhees, Freddy Krueger, Norman Bates and tons of others as well as a fantastic tribe of zombies (hey Mark and Shaun!) who spent the weekend trudging around terrifying everyone who came near them. There were also a couple of professional cosplayers including Cecil Garner aka Cecil Grimes Cosplay and Darren Tilson aka The Notorious Negan, both of whom were roped in by me for some photo fun on several occasions and both of whom we hope to see again in the future.


Of course a con isn’t a con without celebrity guest appearances, and FTLOH was no exception with some great guests including Machete himself, Danny Trejo, the awesome Tyler Mane (the original Sabretooth, Rob Zombies’ incarnation of Michael Myers and a personal favourite of mine), Richard Brake aka The Night King from Game of Thrones, Ola Ray from MJ’s Thriller video and more, the guys we met were lovely and really accommodating as far as questions and signings went, we even got Tyler Mane to pose with a couple of our Halloween pieces for our Instagram!


Everybody loves stuff that sets a con apart from other cons and For the Love of Horror had some top notch attractions including a terrifying scare maze, which Lizzie literally got 2 feet into before being chased out by a Dust Till Dawn vampire, a live (odd choice of words there) zombie outbreak shooting gallery, loads of guest talks throughout the whole length of both days, a cosplay competition, ghost train and loads more.

Pandora’s Box Zoo Days were also in attendance and kept us highly entertained with Digby the Canadian Skunk, DeDe the prarie dog, Bubo the owl, Comrie the 15ft burnese python and of course Faux the platinum fox. The brave among the guests could hold their tarantula and smaller snakes while Cassie, Dan and Penny were a mine of information just waiting to be tapped into by the public and were so happy to chat to interested kids and adults alike about their great little zoo inhabitants.

There was also a live art display organised by Ronnie Crowther Art, six fantastic artists in place (right next to us so we got to see everything) who spent the entire weekend painting huge A1 sized portraits for the guests to sign and for FTLOH to sell on for charity (links below), these guys worked tirelessly all weekend with some amazing results. Thanks to Adam Gilbertson (who was busy with his Mount Rushmore piece all weekend) for the additional photos here.

The End Bit

So, to close, throw together getting to meet some fantastic new customers, making awesome new friends and contacts, and experiencing literally the best atmosphere of any con we’ve attended yet and we had the perfect recipe for the best weekend ever! Our only problem is going to be getting to sleep tonight without the memory of zombie groans in my ear!


As usual with any of our blogs or posts you can find links to most of the attendees mentioned in the article above or below…

For The Love Of Horror official website – www.fortheloveofhorroruk.com

Monopoly Events official website – www.monopolyevents.co.uk

Artists included in the Live Art display were:

Ronnie Crowther – Ronnie Crowther Art

Adam Gilbertson – www.gilbi.co.uk

Kallan Archer – www.kallanarcher.com

Kim Thompson – www.kimthompson.co.uk

Bjorn Martin – Bjorn Scribbles

Karl Jones – Karl Jones

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