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Your Email (Optional): Intended Use: CD cover: Description: Intro John Mayer Words and Music This is my guitar tutorial for John Mayer's Gravity. It's a free MIDI file (midi format is what helps you play the guitar) The chord progression is: Intro | Verse 1 | Verse 2 | Verse 3 | Chorus Verse 1: C#mAm (C# major seventh of A minor) Verse 2: F#mAm (F# major seventh of A minor) Verse 3: BbD (Bb major triad) Verse 4: A Dm (A major triad) Verse 5: C (C major triad) Chorus: AmC#mAm Guitar loop/backing track: Gravity | Lyric Sheet lyrics-john-mayer-gravity-midi-file Download our pre-mixed sheet music for John Mayer's Gravity midi file, and play it along with the guitar backing track. The sheet music will be mailed in a CD-sized envelope. Order Free Sheet Music Swing the lyrics and guitar track, and play this in the right order. The back of the sheet music includes a chord chart and guitar tablature, so that you know how to play the song. When you are finished with the John Mayer's Gravity guitar tutorial sheet music, then you can print this. You can also export this sheet music in any major software program: Corel Draw, Sony Page Plus, and Microsoft Word. Intro: C#mAm Verse 1: F#mAm Verse 2: BbD Verse 3: A Dm Verse 4: C Verse 5: C#m Chorus: AmC#mAm Right Hand G|---12---12---12---12---8----12---12---12---12---12---| E|---12---12---12---12---8----12---12---12---12---12---| F|---12---12---12---12---8----12---12---12---12---


Free High Quality-john-mayer-gravity-midi-file

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