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I love this game! Like really love it! Why?  Well, you'll just have to read this to find out... If you didn't have the idea in mind for a "closer game" when you read this story, I'm still excited that you read this one first! You should also watch the trailer: If you don't have time to watch it, I'll summarize it for you here: a woman is left to die in a suburban house, her husband and children gone. Why?  The player controls a man who gets to that house and - eventually - to the woman.  Gameplay So, Fear: Forsaken Souls is an episodic game, each episode comprising a different scenario. When the previous episode is completed, you'll unlock the next one.  The gameplay is split in Exploration, which is basically an adventure in the game. You wander around the house, go to your safe and do some light puzzle solving.  You'll get clues as you go along. You'll run into someone and a new conversation can start. You'll meet the protagonist's spouse, a new character that is important to the protagonist.  In the meanwhile, you'll need to discover what happened to your wife and kids, but it's not like a traditional-third-person-action game where you'll find each puzzle in a scene and you'll act accordingly. You'll have a conversation with characters and talk about the puzzle you're working on. It's an interactive puzzle. While playing the game, you can solve puzzles about the story you're in. There's a puzzle about a bad painting that, when solved, reveals the fate of one of the characters, and one of them needs to be solved in order to continue. You'll find papers that will contain a clue about the next puzzle to solve, but also you'll have to play the game with the right mindset. Playing like you'd do in an adventure game won't give you the right clues, and it's quite tricky to continue. You'll need to look at everything and pay attention to all the details. Let me give you an example. When I first played the game, I ignored the written clues because I thought the clue was too simple. I was like "Oh, I know what to do, I just don't understand




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