Some Questions We Get A Lot...

"I live outside of the UK and have not received my item after 14 days, what do I do?"

This would worry most people so don't think you are annoying us by asking - we want you to get what you have paid for! First of all please understand that once we have posted an item, it is entirely out of our paws and into the hands of the postal system... and as we all know, sometimes they don't behave themselves! Contact us and let us know that your package hasn't yet arrived and is overdue and we can take it from there. Sometimes we may ask you to wait a few more days, especially at busy times like Christmas, but usually, we will send you a replacement after verifying your address.

"Can I track my order?"

Well that depends on the delivery service you selected when paying for your item, most folk tend to stick to the basic "pop it in the pigeon post for as cheap as possible" option, but we also have a "Royal Mail Special Delivery" option (UK) or "International Tracked and Signed" option (international). This means that if you have paid the extra for this delivery type, then yes, you will be able to track your package and will receive a number with which to do just that when we send your dispatch notification to you! It is more expensive than regular shipping, but it does offer peace of mind.

"What postal services do you use?"

We use good old Royal Mail! Occasionally we will deliver if you are local to us (North Wales) and we sometimes use courier services if you have ordered several items that will require larger packaging.

"I have given you the wrong shipping address, what do I do?"

YOU MUST MOVE HOUSE IMMEDIATELY! Just kidding, all you need to do is contact us as soon as possible once you have noticed the error (ideally before we have sent you the dispatch notification, even we're not THAT good), and we will readdress the package for you no problem at all! If however, we have already dispatched your order then we will ask for a small charge to cover the additional costs of reshipping a replacement to your correct address.

"How do you package my item?"

We have some lovely packaging which ranges from hard cardboard backed envelopes for prints up to the size of 8x12" and cardboard tubes for larger posters, to tough cardboard boxes for framed prints and other items and teeny bubble wrap padded envelopes for jewellery and key chains! Don't worry though, EVERYTHING we sell is wrapped and packed securely to avoid damage until it gets to you (unless it's eaten by dinosaurs, we can't help then).

For more information as to how we are trying to make our packaging and processes more environmentally friendly check out our environmental statement!

"Can you guarantee next day dispatch?"

We currently have other jobs alongside this one so we have set days for postage, otherwise we would live in the post office and have no lives. However, with most items, if you desperately need your package dispatching next day because it's for a special occasion, or you are sooooooo impatient, as long as it isn't an item that need to be custom made for you, then simply contact us and we will endevour get it out the day after payment for you. Monkey's honour.

"Can the jewellery be customised?"

Hmmmm, tough one, the simple answer is - sometimes. It really depends on the type of jewellery and how we have put it together, the best answer to this one is contact us with your request and we will do our very best to accommodate you.

"When will an out of stock item be back in stock?"

Most of our artwork will be restocked pretty quickly - bookmarks may take a couple of days while we wait for tassel delivery! Our minifig frames can take up to three weeks though! (If they come back at all... DUN DUN DUUUUUUUUN).

"My order has arrived and it is damaged/has not arrived, what now?"

Noooooooo! We hate when this happens and we're sure you hate it too! As we have mentioned, we cannot control the postal service, no matter how much we'd like to be able to. The best thing to do is to contact us, let us know what the issue is and we will help you! Please make sure to send us photos of the damaged packaging and the damaged item - this will help us sort things out quickly!

"I don't like my item, what do I do?"

Ah, no, really? That makes us sad... but, these things, they do happen! Once again, drop us a line and we will go through our returns policy with you (or you can see it yourself on the website!).

"How long does a custom order take?"

That all depends, if you want text adding to a print, a few minutes... if you want us to build you a specialised brick print, a few days (possibly weeks depending on parts). Best thing to do is just ask (again). Busy times of year can make custom orders a longer process (e.g. Christmas).

"What is the difference between a minimalist print and a sound wave print"

Oooh we like this question! So basically the sound wave print and minimalist print both contain the same image, put together digitally by our artist Lou on her super computer. The difference is that on the sound wave print, you have some squiggly lines which are what sound looks like when seen on paper, this sound is a quote or lyrics or a catchphrase which has been captured using a special computer programme to ensure that the sound wave you see is actually the actor/singer/celebrity/talking dog saying the phrase. It's finished off with the actual text of the sound - the minimalist prints just have the image, no squiggly lines and no text. Here's the lovely Samwise to show you an example...

"What can be customised on the prints?"

We can change the sound wave you want and the text to go with it, we can add names, change colours, you name it, we can most likely do it for you!

"What do the different sizes mean in your listings?"

Our sizes are mostly in inches (11"x14", 8" x 10", 5 x 7"), with exception to the standard A sizes, these are as follows: A3 11.7 x 16.5 inches - A4 - 8.3 x 11.7 inches - A5 - 5.8 x 8.3 inches

"Can I get a print in a different size to those you have listed?"

Abso-flipping-lutely - just contact us and let us know what size you would like and we will let you know if there is a price difference and get it done! Please note: there is a customisation charge applied to resizing items.

"Why are you a geek monkey?"

I think the real question here is... why aren't YOU a geek monkey?