Welcome to The Geek Monkey!

With a love of all things geeky coupled with a passion for art and design, we love to create and produce stylish wall art, coasters, bookmarks, badges jewellery, and more to share with other fangirls and boys out there.

Lou is the talent - the woman behind the art! Starting many years ago as a hobby for friends and family, when Liz and she started their relationship they decided to make a hobby into a career! Lou is a giant child at heart, who still loves her video games (is the PS5 out yet?!) and obsessively playing and collecting board games with a collection of over 450 at last count! 

Liz is the behind-the-scenes brains - keeping things running smoothly and sorting out your orders! A big old book geek whose geekery only grew with new TV shows and discovering Comic Cons, Liz tries to know a little about a lot (and a lot about a little!). 

Between the two of them, Lou and Liz have you covered - from horror to superheroes, Playstation to Netflix, you'll find everything geeky that you didn't know you never needed right here.