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The TGM 10x10 Challenge 2022 Begins!

Updated: Jan 5, 2022

So 2022 is finally upon us and Liz and I started as we finished 2021... With our annual 10x10 board game challenge!

So this is something we do and have done every year since 2019. Basically, the original idea was to play 10 games 10 times through the year, but we didn't like that too much so we mixed it up a little.

We have till midnight on New Year's Eve to complete our challenge and we keep note of everything we have played. We have rules, the games must be owned by us, must be played together at the same time (doesn't matter if others join in as well or if it's just the two of us), and a few other rules. This year we're going to try and log them to share with you guys on The Geek Monkey site and socials too!

Our categories this year are:

"Shiny Shelf of Shame" - games that are new and unplayed bought a time from 1st Jan 2021.

"Dusty Shelf of Shame" - games we own but have never played, not even once.

"Exit Games" - these are a range of excellent 'escape room in a box', we own more than 10 of them now and each is great value for money, even though you can only play it the one time.

"2 Player Games" - games that are made specifically for 2 people only.

"Machi Koro Legacy" - this is a game that alters the playing of it every time you play in a campaign style, there are 10 games in this particular one so we thought it would be great as a category.

"Golden Oldies" - any game we own that was published prior to 2017.

"Dice Games" - any game that primarily uses dice as a main component.

"Tiny Epic Games" - another series of games we have a lot of, these are big games with a good length of play time but which are all in tiny boxes!

"Strong Thematic Games" - we own a lot of games that have strong themes such as pirate games, cowboy games, zombie games, dinosaur games etc, so the rule here is that themes are only allowed to be used once. So we need to find 10 different themes.

And finally "City/Tableau/Cov Building Games" - basically any games that require you to build a civilization or city or a tableau in front of you as the main mechanic.


So that's it... We promise our challenge reviews will be short and sweet, summing up the game, a few snippets of info about it, and the BGG page link. Hopefully, it may spur non-gamers out there to take up the hobby or current gamers to expand their gaming horizons a little, but mainly, we hope you enjoy reading about the challenge as much as Lizzie and I enjoy playing the games!

Lou out!

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