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10x10 Challenge 2022 Session 1 - Seasons and Tiny Epic Pirates (Arrrgggg)

So our first gaming session to knock games off of our 10x10 Challenge this year fell under the categories of "Dice Games" and "Tiny Epic Games", both great categories with an extensive list of games to choose from in our collection, but we went for the beautiful dice drafting game Seasons and some miniature plundering in Tiny Epic Pirates!


Designer: Régis Bonnessée

Artists: Régis Bonnessée, Xavier Gueniffey Durin, Stéphane Gantiez

Publisher: Libellud

Release Year: 2012

Mechanics: Dice Rolling, Deck Building, Card Drafting, Hand Management, Take That

Theme: Fantasy

Try this if you enjoyed Roll Player, Imperial Settlers or Among the Stars

Seasons is a lovely little tableau builder set in a fantasy world where familiars and magical items help you score big in crystals, and makes use of a nifty little seasons wheel!

Plus who doesn't love pretty dice?

We feel Seasons is an absolutely solid game, and one that we have a lot of fun playing, we need to buy the expansions for it as we only ever play the base game and we think it is a highly recommended game for those who enjoy the theme, and the mechanic and don't mind a little bit of Take That in a game (the mechanic where you attack each other, not the 90's boy band).

You can also find a very good and easy-to-use digital version of the game on where you can battle it out among your friend groups, or with complete strangers on your computer or mobile device!

Our Rating Out of 5:



Designer: Scott Almes

Artists: Chip Cole, Nikoletta Vaszi, Ian Rosenthaler, Felix Wermke

Publisher: Gamelyn Games

Release Year: 2021

Mechanics: Dice Rolling, Pick Up and Deliver, Racing

Theme: Pirates and Exploration

Try this if you enjoyed Merchants and Marauders, and Oracle of Delphi

Avast ye and prepare to batten down the hatches in Tiny Epic Pirates!

Tiny Epic Pirates, as with many of the Tiny Epic collection of games, is a relatively big game in a tiny box! Pirate captains, alongside their crew race to plunder, battle, and trade their way to be the first to bury 3 piles of treasure!

We feel that this is a really nice pick-up and deliver game with a good solid theme to it, which uses the rondel mechanic to great effect, and it is a game we have zero problems playing again but we couldn't help but feel it would be better with 3-4 players. With just the two of us, it felt a little less like a fun-packed race and more like a push and shove to see who could end the game first. Some of the game mechanics are a little hard to grasp at first as well, but once you have them down it's easy enough to play.

Our Rating Out of 5:


So that's it for our first session! We hope you enjoyed reading about the games and that you might get a little inspiration for your own gaming sessions! We will see you next time for some more Geek Monkey Gaming Goodness!

Lou and Lizzie out!

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