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Captain of the Serenity, die hard Browncoat, bad ass, wearer of pretty floral bonnets, Captain Malcolm Reynolds is the coolest guy to take to the sky... This is a full colour, minimalist style sheet music art print of Nathan Fillion as Captain Mal from the TV show Firefly and the film Serenity.


It features a minimalist style image of the character over the top of the sheet music for the theme song "Ballad of Serenity".


The print was designed and digitally produced by The Geek Monkey and printed professionally and to order on a smooth acid-free stock card or paper (size dependent). The print also has a faded wash effect over the top of it, this can be removed if required, please contact us for information prior to placing your order. Customization is available at a small additional cost, again, please contact us for more information before making a purchase.


Various sizes are available:

SMALL: 5 x 7 inches
MEDIUM: 8 x 10 inches
LARGE: *11 x 14 inches


*You may notice larger poster sized prints are slightly higher in price, this is to incorporate the additional cost of postage and packaging and higher production costs.


All of The Geek Monkey prints look amazing framed on a wall in any size and will make any fangirl or fanboy's day!


Please note, that all images in our listings are for retail purposes only, no frames are supplied with the artwork with the exception of our mounted art and our mini figure frames.

Mal - Firefly / Serenity - Ballad of Serenity Sheet Music Print

  • 5x7 inches, 8x10 inches, 11x14 inches (portrait dimension)