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Our awesome geeky framed triple art prints make for the perfect gift or treat. They will look truly awesome on any wall in your home and come in a large variety of pop culture inspired designs all drawn in-house by us at The Geek Monkey.


This triple print features some of everyone's favourite characters from the cult 80s classic movie Labyrinth. The frame features three designs, with an image of Jareth the Goblin King played by the late David Bowie on the top, Sarah's friends Hoggle, Ludo, Sir Didymus and his steed Ambrosius on the bottom and the famous quote from the film "Should you need us..." in the centre.


The perfect gift for any fan of David Bowie or Labyrinth.


Each of our triples features a solid black plastic frame approximately 52cm x 25cm. The frame uses lightweight clear Perspex instead of glass which reduces fingerprints and is safer to use. We also use PH-neutral mounts in all of our triples which will not discolour the prints over time. The prints were designed and digitally produced by The Geek Monkey and printed professionally and to order on smooth acid-free stock card. 


Each triple will be sent (UK only) inside a double walled gallery box especially designed for shipping art frames, it will be corner protected, bubble wrapped and shipped by courier for peace of mind.

Trio of Original Framed Art Prints - Labyrinth

  • APPROX 52cm x 25cm x 3cm (portrait dimension)